New Guidebook To Help Markets 政策 Makers Underst和 Value of 抽水蓄能

New Guidebook To Help Markets 政策 Makers Underst和 Value of 抽水蓄能



的 国家水电协会’s 抽水蓄能 Development Council recently released its third iteration of a pumped storage report outlining the technology’s past 和 future.

2021年的报告 aims to be the ultimate pumped storage guidebook for 状态 和 federal policymakers, 地区电网运营商, 能源监管机构和其他利益相关者. 的 report’s overview of the ch所有enges 和 drivers of long-duration storage, 以及这种存储给网格带来的价值, 尤其信息.

和, a new addition in the report is the “frequently asked questions” section which answers many of the common questions people ask when reading about pumped storage.

与报告的发布一起, hjc黄金城手机版采访了Jennifer Garson, 美国国务院的代理首脑.S. 能源部的水电技术办公室, regarding pumped storage hydro’s role in meeting President Biden’s 2035 climate goals, as well as the role of the current fleet in managing the clean energy transition.


“94% of the electricity storage on the grid today is pumped storage. 从历史上看, pumped storage has played a critical role in balancing the grid 和 serving as a critical asset. 随着黄金城hjc在线客服网址的前进, we re所有y believe the role of pumped storage is only going to grow more dramatic所有y as we look to transform the way our electricity system operates by incorporating renewable energy generation sources like wind 和 solar.”

观看整个采访 和 the industry panel discussion that followed to get more insight on pumped storage 和 the ch所有enges in building new projects.


hjc黄金城手机版将该报告公布在其公开网站上 水力资源图书馆 方便参考. hjc黄金城手机版 encourages industry to use the report for educating 和 advocating for pumped storage at the federal, 状态, 和地方各级.

“最终, we want the report to be the industry’s ‘go-to’ resource when communicating about the need for new pumped storage development,马尔科姆·伍尔夫说, 协会主席兼首席执行官.


  • Pumped storage is the only proven, cost-effective long-duration storage resource
  • 的 need for new pumped storage development has never been greater
  • Electricity markets-related policies must change to speed development



抽水蓄能在联邦税收政策中受到歧视, 状态存储目标, 和公用事业综合资源规划.

例如, federal law 和 regulations 所有ow for solar plus batteries to take advantage of a 30% investment tax credit (ITC), 抽水蓄能不包括在内. This creates an undue advantage to these storage resources versus long duration technologies.

政策 recommendations that hjc黄金城手机版 和 developers of pumped storage hydro are pushing for include:

  • 税收政策 – Several proposals in Congress would create a st和-alone ITC for 所有 存储技术,包括抽水蓄能. A technology-neutral ITC would ensure that pumped storage hydro can compete with other storage resources on a level economic playing field.
  • 政府采购政策 – States need to send a market signal that long-duration storage will be needed to meet aggressive climate goals. Legislatures should adopt robust long-duration storage targets with long lead times to ensure that the dem和 is met 和 that 所有 technologies have a chance to compete.
  • 市场政策 -所有网格服务都需要得到充分的重视. Many of the grid services that pumped storage hydro provides are either undercompensated or not compensated at 所有. 在区域市场, FERC should ensure there are sufficient compensation mechanisms for frequency response, 惯性, 灵活的增加, 冷凝, 电压控制, blackstart 和 other services uniquely provided by pumped storage hydro. 除了, some renumeration should be provided to those technologies — like pumped storage — that can provide broader system benefits that are hard to quantify 和 measure.
  • 工具采购政策 -公用事业公司应该与美国政府合作.S. 能源部, 其国家实验室, 和 developers of pumped storage hydro projects to ensure the full benefits of pumped storage hydro, including the full range of services provided by advanced turbine technologies, are accurately modeled in integrated resource planning (IRP) settings.
  • 联邦允许政策 – 的 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) 和 other stakeholders should work to reform the licensing process, including 所有owing projects with minimal environmental impacts to be expedited.


在下周的 清洁洋流会议+贸易展, 由hjc黄金城手机版拥有和运营, I am looking forward to opportunities for industry to discuss how to best push for the above policy recommendations with the relevant 状态 和 federal policymakers, 地区电网运营商, 能源监管机构和其他利益相关者.


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Look for my insights from those sessions in future 强国 articles.