2021 hjc黄金城手机版 Spring Research Fellows: Full Reports


Four college students joined hjc黄金城手机版 as Research Fellows for the Spring 2021 semester.


The Research Fellows:


Diego Antonio Guerrero: “Project Financing of New Hydropower Development at Existing Non-Powered Dams – Lessons learned from case studies in the past 10 years and suggestions for improving future hydropower economics”

Arianna Drechsler: “Federal Actors in Dam Removal Policy – Legal and Bureaucratic Influences in the Decommissioning of Powered and Non-Powered Dams in the United States”

Brian Ziegler: “Modernizing irrigation conduits with hydropower generation”

Connor Bevan: “Dammed if you don’t – Industry perspectives on regulatory obstacles to and policy incentives for the electrification of non-powered federal dams in the United States”